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CONNECT WITH THE EXPERTS. Our Adventure Coaches came from all over to Headlands, but share a common passion for our surroundings and thrive on connecting our guests with all Pacific City and Oregon’s North Coast have to offer. Whatever you can think of, they’re up to the challenge – from beach bonfires and bird watching to crabbing and kayaking. Our Adventure Coaches are avid explorers of the Oregon Coast and love to share their discoveries—book a private outing with your personal guide for a trail hike, kayak trip or an adventure you design together. To plan your unique experience, connect with an Adventure Coach at or call  503.483.3000.



Our Adventure Coaches were born to play and born to plan. They can suggest, schedule and deliver an Oregon Coast experience that meets all of your vacation cravings: from biking to fishing, hiking to kayaking; from the best beer, wine and food and local attractions—and much more. Our coaches are ready to help you head out and embrace all that Headlands has to offer.


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    Seneca was raised alongside three older brothers on a small farm in the Arizona desert. She has a love for people, nature, animals, music and our National Parks. She developed her affinity for animals at a young age and was active in both 4H and FFA. After studying at Southern Virginia University, she worked with at-risk-youth at the Parks and Rec Department in her hometown. She then worked for a National Park Service contracted concierge company in Phoenix AZ. Prior to moving to the Oregon coast with her husband and two dogs Jak and Charlie a year ago, Seneca was a manager at Crater Lake National Park for several seasons. Seneca has fallen in love with our coastal climate and loves whale watching, exploring the tide pools, and searching for agates. You can also find her hiking with her dogs, playing the piano, pouring handmade candles, or taking photos of our beautiful surroundings.

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    Kyle was born in Portland and spent much of his upbringing outdoors as a boy scout and third generation Oregonian surfer and fisherman. Kyle grew up working in the daycare that his mom owned, during the summer he would help run the summer camp and took kids on field trips all over Oregon. He fell in love with the uniqueness of the Oregon coast at a very young age. His first coastal adventures began with learning how to surf and kayak and have evolved to include ocean dory fishing in his boat, kiteboarding and scuba diving. Kyle attended a military high school in central Oregon and then worked as a technician building prototype machinery for various companies including Siemens Energy, Boeing, and Intel. These days you’ll find Kyle enjoying life here in Pacific City—surfing, fishing and exploring with his dog Koa.

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    Daniel was born in Mexico and raised in Texas. He discovered a passion for camping and exploring the outdoors at a young age after joining his local scouts youth group. During this time he learned many useful skills including camping basics, bush craft, and leadership tools. Daniel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communication from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Since graduating, Daniel has been working in the hospitality industry for almost ten years. Fortunately for us, Daniel fell in love with the Oregon coast during a surf trip, and soon after moved to the coast. In his words “it’s everything I’ve been looking for and more!” He hasn’t stopped exploring since he arrived, during his free time you’ll find him shooting wildlife photography and sharing waves with his friends.

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    Zak was born on six acres in the Coast Range near Banks, Oregon. He developed his love for the outdoors during his childhood while exploring the endless streams, trails and peaks that the coast offers. Zak grew up skateboarding, working at summer camps, and was a wakeboarding camp instructor. He also competed in professional wakeboarding events. After graduating high school Zak moved to Terrebonne, OR to pursue rock climbing—he lived at Smith Rock and eventually worked at the climbing gear shop just outside the park. After three years in the desert, Zak began to miss the lush forests and coastal climate of home. He took a trip to Pacific City where he surfed for the first time and moved here just one month later. He couldn’t be happier with his decision—and now spends his free time surfing, skating ,and exploring the Oregon coast.

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    Katelyn was born and raised in the deserts of southern Utah. She discovered her love for the outdoors as a kid while traveling to national parks across the west with her family. It was during this time she realized her passion for camping and hiking. Katelyn is set to graduate in the fall from Southern Utah University with a bachelor’s degree in outdoor recreation and tourism. She has learned several outdoor skills with her degree and is currently Wilderness First Responder certified. She recently spent a summer working in Alaska at Denali National Park. Katelyn fell in love with the Oregon coast on a trip with her family a few years ago and knew she wanted to come back someday. She’s excited to spend the summer exploring the beaches and trails around Pacific City. You’ll find her hiking, camping, and learning to surf.

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    John’s passion for adventure and exploration began with a childhood growing up at the mouth of the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest. His backyard was a constant invitation to hunt, clam, hike, fish, kayak, forage and explore. As a cook devoted to featuring local cuisine—John was executive chef at Headland’s Meridian Restaurant & Bar—John plans to share his unique knowledge of the culinary treats native to the Pacific Northwest with his unique insights into the beauty and history of our region. His rich and adventurous career includes operating his own restaurants, writing cookbooks, working as a culinary school instructor and television and radio personality, all while showcasing his beloved Pacific Northwest. His active lifestyle includes fishing, fresh and salt water; foraging, clamming, crabbing, hunting, and kayaking. John is thrilled to share his passion for the area and to introduce our guests to our unique surroundings.

Our Partners

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    SOLVE Partnership
    In collaboration with SOLVE, the Adventure Team at Headlands has adopted Sitka Sedge Beach. SOLVE Oregon is dedicated to bringing Oregonians together to improve our environment and build a legacy of stewardship. Help us protect marine line and maintain the natural beauty of our coast. Join us for our monthly beach clean-up at Sitka Sedge State Natural Area.

  • barrelbag

    Barrel Bag Program
    Headed out? Pick up a barrel bag at the Adventure Center to take with you or join us for one of our scheduled beach clean-ups. The trash and micro-plastics you gather from our beaches and trails can be redeemed for a voucher good for a pint of beer or a root beer at the Pelican Brewing Company.

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